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05.2014: Minutia Venture Corp. has launched the Minutia Version 1.0 prototype to initiate concept testing. Version 1.0 a short broadcasting test tool is available to download in the Apple Store.


In Version 2.0, Minutia is concentrating its efforts on developing a proprietary Geo - Crowd media venture concept - providing a platform for next generation enterprises - designed for younger entrepreneurs to start their own business.


In an unprecedented move, Minutia is embracing the entrepreneurial ambitions of the Gen Z market (13-18 years old), with the breakthrough Geo-Crowd media venture format. "Sparks & Honey, a New York ad agency: 72 percent of the Gen Z wants to start their own business".


Users can create Geo-Crowd ventures using their digital devices to record a portfolio of geo-mapped video/photo content in one of 16 pre-defined channels (e.g. apparel, art, auto, buildings, foodservice, lodging, retail, transport etc.) which are tradable on Minutia’s "media-asset eXchange". We call the Geo-Crowd traded ventures on the eXchange: "Media Asset Instruments"- tomorrow’s Financial Instruments.


08.2014: Minutia has filed US provisional patent application: ’Systems and Methods for Controlling Distribution of Image Data’.


We are still very secretive about Minutia’s a breakthrough eXchange innovation, until Version 2.0 is launched.



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